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Guide for Event Organizers

Thank you for becoming an Event Organizer at Internet Week Denmark!

We are happy to see you organize an event at IWDK 2015. Hit the pink button if you're ready or follow the guide below, to find everything you need to plan and promote a successful event that attracts festival-goers and media alike.

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If you need any inspiration or ideas take a look at this year’s program. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@internetweekdenmark.com with any questions. We look forward to working with you!

All official events of Internet Week Denmarks are included in the program for the festival, and promoted to national and local medias covering the festival. Last year’s festival had 120+ events, 3000+ attendees and extensive coverage in outlets including JyllandsPosten, Politiken, EPN, Aarhus Stiftstidende, DR etc.

Why submit an event at Internet Week Denmark?

Internet Week Denmark is based on the concept of crowdsourcing, which means inviting companies, networks, organisations, and individuals to contribute by hosting their own events during the festival. In that way your role as an Event Organizer is essential for this festival!

By hosting an event during Internet Week Denmark your company will become a part of a festival celebrating the success and the impact the internet has on innovation, business, and our everyday lives. 2014 was the first year of Internet Week Denmark and the festival went beyond all expectations - we had more than 120+ events attended by more than 3000+ participants and media coverage at 120+ during the week. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity for you to create an event that will most likely lead to increased sales, a network expansion and positioning of your company. Make sure that your company becomes a part of all this by hosting an event during Internet Week Denmark June 1-5 2015.

What kinds of events can I host?

Our best advice for you as an Event Organizer is to think of your target audience, when you plan a session during the festival. In general, you can submit any event you would like. We aim at diversity in the activities during Internet Week Denmark and welcome both events aimed at a very narrow target audience and those aimed at everyone. However, the event must remain within the official framework of the six tracks: Media, Citizenship, Business, Leadership, Creative and Technology. Get more information about each track here.

Who can submit an event?

Anyone — whether an established company, startup, organization, agency, public institution, or individual — can submit an event as an official Event Organizer of Internet Week Denmark.

How does it work?

- In order to become an Event Organizer and to host a session during the festival you must sign-up or login at internetweekdenmark.com to access the registration form.
- Once you have created a profile you can fill out the registration form for your event - make sure to fill out as many details as possible.
- When you have finished the description of your event press “Activate Event” and your event will now appear at internetweekdenmark.com/events. You are able to edit your event - so please make sure to keep your event up-to-date at all times. - Our event system also allows you to manage and process registration.
If the organizers of Internet Week Denmark have any comments regarding your event, we do not hesitate to inform you on how to improve the content and format.

When can I submit my event to the website?

You can submit an event on our website already now. There is no deadline for submitting your event but the sooner the more publicity it will get, and hopefully it is more likely to be fully booked.

Submit your event now

What does it cost to host an event?.

There are no fees associated with becoming an event organizer other than the costs related to planning and hosting your event(s). In order to meet any economic challenges, we suggest that you find someone to collaborate with. In that way you can split the expenses for speakers, location, catering, etc.

Can I get financial support for our event?

Internet Week Denmark does not give financial support to any events. Although we do not offer financial support, we offer an umbrella branding solution, which will help you to promote your event(s). In 2014 we experienced a considerable media attention plus activity on social media and we expect even more coverage before, during and after this year’s festival. By planning an event during Internet Week Denmark we hope that you’ll reach a new and broader audience.

How do I promote my event?

All registered events will appear on our website, and some will be featured on the front page by selection. We also make sure to select events that will be promoted on the social media platforms of Internet Week Denmark. But there are lots of things that you can do to promote your event as well. We encourage you to use our hashtag #IWDK to participate in the conversation already going on both Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Furthermore, you are able to use our official logos in your marketing and public relations efforts. Find them here or contact us on info@internetweekdenmark.com.

4 essential questions we recommend for you to answer if wanting to plan an event.

1. What is the main purpose of my event?
The purpose of creating an event during Internet Week Denmark depends on your business. Some of the reasons to create an event during the festival might be to increase sales, network expansion and to position your company. Regardless of your motivation, it’s relevant to consider Internet Week Denmark as an investment for you and your company.

2. Who would I like to reach with my event?
Once you have decided your purpose, we recommend that you define your target audience. Would you like to recruit students, get the attention of politicians, get to know similar businesses, get in contact with C-level, or teach young children about programming?

3. How do I plan to make my particular event attractive for participants?
Last year we had more than 120 events during Internet Week Denmark. Therefore, we advise you to think about how to make your event favorable and prominent. Is it a well known speaker, a workshop with specific tools, an interesting and current panel-debate, or a networking bar with free drinks?

4. What is my strategy for promoting my event?
By planning an event during Internet Week Denmark we offer an umbrella branding solutions, which will help you to promote your event. We will help you promote your event, but it’s primarily your job to do this and thereby make sure to attract participants. We encourage you to consider personal invites, use your own and our website, create newsletters, use social media, and other paid media and network.