Welcome to the second annual Internet Week Denmark. We are a festival celebrating the internet and the booming internet economy in Denmark. We celebrate the success and the impact, the internet has on innovation, business, and our everyday lives.

Everyone can participate in the events of the festival - whether you are a digital professional, a student, an investor, an entrepreneur, a citizen or just an internet enthusiast.

Internet Week Denmark 2015

Internet Week Denmark is based on the concept of crowdsourcing, which means inviting companies, networks, organisations, and individuals to contribute by hosting their own events during the festival.

Besides the many crowd-sourced activities, there will be an official program organized by the secretariat, featuring international keynote speakers, panel debates, workshops, and much more.

The 2014 festival comprised of more than 120 events attended by more than 3000 participants during the week. Check out the facts from last year here.

The second Internet Week Denmark will take place June 1 - 5, 2015

The festival features industry focused talks and presentations for professional digital employees, workshops and networking for students, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. The overall theme is the internet and new opportunities for innovation, business, public service, jobs, and growth.

Mobile apps, FaceBook, Twitter, online hotel bookings, and email communication represent only a few aspects of the services many of us use on a daily basis. Citizens - families, kids, and seniors - everyone will see a number of exciting events in the urban space.

A festival centered in Aarhus

The next festival takes place in and around Aarhus, June 1 - 5, 2015. Centrally located in Aarhus, Ridehuset will serve as a main venue which features and hosts activities. However, most events will be crowdsourced and thereby held at private companies and institutions all over the region.

A festival initiated by Smart Aarhus

Internet Week Denmark is a main project from Smart Aarhus and is an initiative from the Smart Aarhus 2012 vision process. Smart Aarhus is a digital marketplace and a new mindset developed in order to create sustainable urban innovation and growth. It is a model based on involving stakeholders through partnerships.

Smart Aarhus was founded in 2012 as a partnership between the the City of Aarhus, Aarhus University, Alexandra Institute, VIA University College, the Danish Technological Institute, and the private company Systematic.

A festival developed through partnerships

The founding partners of Internet Week Denmark are Smart Aarhus, the City of Aarhus, and Creuna. The festival takes place in partnership with a wide range of private companies, public institutions, and networks. Our vision is that networks and individuals feel included and, on an equal foot with the very largest companies in the city, will adopt Internet Week Denmark as their own event.

The future is digital

The digital technology is both a challenge and an opportunity to develop the city of the future. We invite companies, networks, organisations, and individuals to host their own events, sharing knowledge and facilitating innovation and life in a smart city. Anyone can become a host by registering an event. Participation is free of charge and the individual participants will retain full control of their own event.

Let us know if you are a potential speaker, artist or network collaborator.

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