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Internet Week Denmark presents - the 'How to Volunteer' - guide! Volunteer at Internet Week Denmark 2016 and become part of a motivated and driven team filled with other like-minded volunteers

Step 1 - Get to know us

Internet Week Denmark needs you!

We are looking for volunteers to be part of our team and help make Internet Week Denmark (IWDK) 2016 the best one yet.

By volunteering you become part of a motivated and driven team filled with other like-minded volunteers.

If you want to have an incredible experience that expands your network, gives you insight into how the internet influences business, innovation and everyday life - do not hesitate to apply.

We believe that our team of volunteers are a vital part of the IWDK festival. We need people of all shapes and sizes who are ready and willing to work hard and help set their mark on the festival.

Step 2 - learn about the tasks

This year we are looking for three types of volunteers: writers, visuals, and guides:

  • The communications team 1 (writers)
  • The communication team 2 (visuals reporters)
  • The guide team

The communication team 1

Our communications team includes writers and visual reporters (pics and video). You are the connection from the festival to the outside world, and will bring all the latest news during the week. All news contributed will be distributed throughout IWDK’s platforms, such as: Facebook, twitter, instagram and Linkedin and our newsletter.

Want to join the communications team? Here is what you will be doing:

  1. Cover selected events
  2. Interview attendees and hosts
  3. Report from the festival in general

We want all types of volunteers for this team. Most importantly you are a skilled communicator (written and orally), outgoing confident and able to speak with a variety of people.

If this is you - Join our team!

The communication team 2

Are you a visual wizard? Your skills belong to this category. Visual communication is a big part of the communications team and so we are looking for talented people within photography, video production and graphic design.

Is this you? - Join our team!

The guide team

The festival expects more than 5000 attendees this year, and with more than 100 events people get easily lost. This is where the guide team comes to play. Are you a natural helper you will fit into this team perfectly.

Want to join the guides team? Here is what you will be doing:

  • Welcoming people
  • Register participants
  • Guide people in the right direction
  • And much more…

The guide team will be acting as hosts which is all about being outgoing, practically oriented and prepared to create the right festival atmosphere.

Is this you? - Join our team!

Step 3 - Get in touch

For questions regarding volunteering, Internet Week Denmark 2016 please contact: tuchinha@internetweekdenmark.com or nanna@internetweekdenmark.com.

Apply here!

Step 4 - Still not convinced?


  1. Join our #IWDK family and get:
  2. Networking opportunities both professionally and socially
  3. Hands on experience and an official testimonial from Internet Week Denmark for your resume
  4. Participation in the official opening
  5. Free meals during working hours
  6. A party during the festival including a ticket for our bar
  7. An opportunity to learn more about something we all are passionate about – the internet


We look forward to meeting you all and celebrating Internet Week Denmark 2016