The winners of the Internet Pioneer Award

We are proud to announce this year´s winners. Meet three Danes who have contributed significantly to the way we use and employ the internet.

The Internet Pioneer Award was a successful evening filled with festive people, drinks, music, and of course awards. Without further ado we present you the winners:

Jørgen Balle Olesen

The winner of Service and Solutions award presented by Morten Gleerup, Jyllands-Posten

The jury said: Content is important, without content no internet use. Content includes media, and we are reading more than ever.
In all sorts of formats, digital or physical print. And small snacking like text on smaller devices while on the go, and larger information or entertainment chunks when we have the time to do so.
Reading something that used to be called a book is still popular, digital or physically combined, it is the fifht most popular media activity after web browsing, news, TV and music.

But something is changing. Media is becoming elastic. Media is no longer either or, in terms of paper and digital,
The story is floating seamlessly across devices and physical media. Mixed so you can read on paper, on a device, or – even listen – your way through a story on whatever device is most convenient at a given time.

Elastic media is here now, and will be here even more in the future. The term elastic media also covers the mix of a multitude of creators. Elastic media. So elastic media is taking us into the future, and we will see an ever expanding base of users.
Another key success factor for services and solutions is ease of use

So, a company working in the content space, helping to transform our buying habits to the internet world, making it easy for us
And at the same time working across devices and physical media –AND understanding the customer.
Such a company surely must be the winner of this years services and solutions award. And the company off course is SAXO. SAXO is by far the leading Danish online bookstore, Jørgen is the owner of SAXO, and the brain behind it. After a troubled childhood, Saxo found its home in Jørgens family owned bookshop. The bookshop then made a giant leap and transformed itself into what quickly became the leading and dominant Danish internet book store

Saxo under Jørgens management is an extremely innovative shop, working with big data, developing e-books, self publishing, new services, you name it, Saxo has it, and a lot of satisfied customers, too.
Jørgen is tireless

Poul-Henning Kamp

The winner of the Technology award presented by Henrik Føhns, DR Harddisken

The jury said:
Poul-Henning Kamp is a true renaissance man of the 21st century.
He is a geek, who has been committed to the open source FreeBSD project for most of its duration. More than 20 years - or as he claims himself: 20% of my life.
He is responsible for the widely used MD5crypt implementation of the MD5 password hash algorithm - which today protects the majority of passwords on the internet - and has written a vast quantity of systems code.
Poul-Henning is also a writer and a free-speech and privacy activist. He has his own blog at the online magazine Version2.
Just this morning he made the point that although the NSA is no longer allowed to collect metadata about American phonecalls in bulk - this still the case in the rest of the world - including Denmark - and no Danish politician mentions it in the ongoing election campaign.
It is therefore with great pleasure that we give the Internet Pioneer Award in the category Technology to a person who writes both brilliant code and brilliant blogs.

Anni Marquard

The winner of the Rethink award presented by Bent Sørensen, Aarhus2017

The jury said:
For the winner of the Rethink category we were looking for someone who had made a social difference using the internet. Someone who was able to rethink the way we use the internet in Denmark for a better cause. We got a lot of very good candidates nominated but we decided on Anni Marquard.
The choice was hard, but given the impact of the work of Anni Marquard it was obvious she was a strong candidate.
Anni gets the prize for her work with Cyberhus, which is an online place for children and youths who need someone to help them with different aspects of their life. Anni Marquard was the first in Denmark to spot how the internet could be useful for children and youths in difficult situations. In addition to this, she has been a strong role model for everyone who wants to make a difference for young people who need help.

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