Kick Off of the 2015-Programme

Please join us at Aarhus City Hall for a sneak preview of the programme, where we will have examples of what you can expect and experience during the festival.

Get a taste of Internet Week Denmark 2015

Internet Week Denmark is hosting a Kick Off event on April 9 in Aarhus City Hall.

Please join us for a sneak preview of the programme, where we will have examples of what you can expect and experience during the festival. We are excited to present Simon Bentholm, /Kl.7 on behavioral design, Redia with Drone project and Alexandra Institute with virtual reality. We’ll also have short live interviews on stage with Publico, Mjølner Informatics, Ditmer, Delta Projects, eBay, Gaffa Media and VIA University College.

"Behavioural Design", Simon Bentholm, /KL.7

Simon Bentholm is a behavioural designer and co-founder of /KL.7. Simon consults on the strategic use of behaviour through activation and mining of structured and unstructured data and feedback loops. Simon and his partners just released the book “Behavioural Design”, which introduces the concept.

Redia demonstrates projects with Drones

Please meet creative director Mikkel Bech and technology manager Jan Thøgersen from Redia. They are using the capacities of the drone when creating film used in digital presentations – often in cultural and experience-based projects. The technology is unique because it is possible to record in every direction. This means that we can show you around in a completely new way.

Future of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Interactive 3D

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will revolutionize the way everyone experiences digital entertainment, computer games and movies in the future. Simple AR is already here in the form of smartphones – but the future includes head mounted display that can give a 100% realistic and interactive experience for both entertainment, training and instructions. Get ready for the Holodeck experience presented of Jesper Mosegaard, Head of Computer Graphics Lab, Alexandra Institute.

Practical Details

- April 9, 2015 from 14.00 - 16.00

- Aarhus City Hall

- Registration and coffee from 13.45 - the programme starts at 14.00. Make sure to arrive early, so you do not miss the beginning!

- Participate by signing up here.

- This event is free!

- If you are unable to make it after signing up, please email Nanna at before Tuesday April 7 at 11.00. There is a no-show fee of 250 kr. if you fail to do so - this is to make sure that no seats are wasted. Thank you for your understanding.