Internet Week Denmark approved for 3 more years!

The City of Aarhus is supporting Internet Week Denmark for another three years. We are very excited about the news! This means we can work on long-term strategies and partnerships. By early October we will have the organisation in place, in the meantime we will start engaging with partners, networks and the community.

Internet Week Denmark is celebrating the internet and is focussed on innovation and new business opportunities within the internet economy. Networking, education and collaboration will be a driver, and inspiration, for creating growth and jobs in of the professional digital industry in Denmark. The festival will also focus on debates and initiatives stimulating education and learnings in digital citizenship. It is vital for growth, democracy and welfare to engage, involve and digitally educate citizens.

The festival will almost have the same form as last year: a one week celebrating of the internet with crowdsourced events - open for all, just like the internet is open for all. In general the festival worked very well, but of course we learned a lot the first year, and had a bunch of feedback. We will make changes accordingly.

We will work on fewer themes and qualifying events. We will also integrate more digital citizenship activities and make communication clearer. But mostly we’d like to grow bigger and repeat the great success from Internet Week Denmark 2014!

Let us know if you’d like to be involved or have good ideas for Internet Week Denmark 2015, we are always happy to talk. Finally, remember the great official opening and more highlights in this video - thank you Moment Fotografi!

Internet Week Denmark 2014-video

Facts and numbers (in Danish) IWDK 2014