Digital transformation - A sneak peek

Headstart kicked off the Social Media day at IWDK this morning by bringing both an international and a Danish perspective on what digital innovation can do for businesses.

How can companies navigate the wave of digital transformation? How can we use smart customer insights to better target online advertising? And how can we innovate without turning into 24/7 inventors?

Post*Shift, Delta Projects and Made By Many took the stage today at IWDK and shared how they tackle digital innovation. Here’s an overview of how they answered the tricky questions above.

Cerys Hearsey, Post*Shift

Cerys started off the event with an inspiring talk on the digital revolution in a business context – “Digital transformation is changing absolutely everything about the organization - it's changing the way your customers engage with you, the products and services you offer, the products and services that you use internally, it's changing the very nature of enterprise IT."

So can companies keep up with the unfolding digital transformation? Yes. The key is in building and continuosly developing businesses that are resilient, adaptive, open, innovative, customer-centric, experience-led, collaborative, data-driven and task-focused.

Find out more about Cerys’ innovative solutions to digital transformation challenges here.

Kasper Wodstrup Rost, Delta Projects

Online advertising is not a shooting in the dark business anymore. Kasper Wodstrup Rost, Key Account Manager at Delta Projects, provided the audience with a glimpse into how to use Programmatic to find customers instead of a website they might visit.

To find out more about how Programmatic can be used as a smart tool for gathering customer insights in terms of online behavior, don’t miss out on our ”Programmatic, What, Why and How?” event tomorrow. Find more info here.

Veronika Janeckova & Nelson Sachse, Made By Many

Made By Many introduced the audience to how the agency uses technology to develop digital products and services that help brands innovate.

For Made By Many the magic of the internet and current technology is in the world of possibilities that they open up – “It gives us amazing opportunities to create services and products that previously weren’t possible and that are solving issues that have been hanging out there for a while, but it’s right now that we can actually address them.”

Veronika and Nelson underline the fact that innovation is not about always coming up with completely new and disruptive ideas, but that the key is in connecting the dots and “seeing what’s already out there and how to take things that already work and apply them in a new context.”

Based on this approach to innovation, Made By Many built an online platform for Skype that allows teachers from around the world to connect with each other. The agency looked into how the teachers were using the platform and added new features on the go. “This is a brilliant example of a value that you can create within an existing product by listening to your users and connecting the dots.”, mentioned Veronika Janeckova, Product Manager at Made by Many.