Celebration, drinks, fun and a few awards brought together young students, professionals and experts at the Internet Pioneer Awards. This evening was dedicated to the people that influenced in a significant way the use of internet in Denmark. Three inspiring professionals were given praise for their contribution.

For the second time, the biggest professionals that left their print in the online world in Denmark were gathered together at the Internet Pioneer Award in Ridehuset, Aarhus, where nominations took place in the following categories:

  • Technology
  • Services and Solutions
  • Rethink

The show kicked off with a warm welcome by Aino Vonge Corry, 'Today, we hand out three awards and we can say that they resemble the history of the internet as we know it today.'

This was followed by a speech from Preben Mejer, IT Guru and Co-founder Innovation Lab. He explained the importance of content and talked about elastic media. 'Elastic media is here now, and will be here even more in the future.'

'Application or service that has let more people use the internet or let people use it new ways.'

The first award for the evening went to Jørgen Balle Olesen and SAXO in the category of Services and Solutions. The award was presented by Morten Gleerup from Jyllands-Posten. 'SAXO is by far the leading Danish bookstore, nobody comes ever close.'

A huge applause was given also to Henrik Føhns from Harddisken, a part of the jury. He presented the second award for the evening in the category of Technology. The price was given to Poul-Henning Kamp '...a true renaissance man of the 21st century.'. Poul-Henning Kamp's speech took us on a journey with him and turned the attention to a very fundamental societal issue 'We don't look at the bigger picture'. 'The Danish IT industry needs to sort of take social responsibility and start to think about the next generation of IT people.'

'... a person who writes both brilliant code and brilliant blogs.'

After the two awards, on the stage was introduced the PARTY keynote speaker of the evening. Every conference needs one. 'Ours is sort of geekish party- no music and lots of beer.' So the honor of PARTY keynote speaker was given to Lars Boilesen. He talked about his path and how it all led to Opera.

Finally, the last award was left to be given. The winner of the Rethink award presented by Bent Sørensen, Aarhus 2017. The long awaited award was given to 'someone who has made a social difference using the internet'.

'Someone who was able to rethink the way we use the internet in Denmark for a better cause. '

The winner of the award was Anni Marquard for her significant contributions with her work on Cyberhus. A social entrepreneur that captured an opportunity that the internet can play an important role in solving this vital societal problem. The online consulting platform has helped children and youths with issues they stumble upon in their everyday life.