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Winning in the Age Of The Customer

A mini-conference on approaches and strategies for the age of the customer, featuring ambitious digital business professionals sharing their experiences and best strategies.
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Day & Time:
Wednesday May 11
10:15 - 14:00
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Free for all
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Simon Kibsgård
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Key take-aways

  • A strategic view on digital marketing, sales and business development
  • Shared experiences from global brands
  • Proven strategies from digital business experts

Thanks to all speakers and attendees!

This is event was a great experience and we want to thank all of you who attended. Most of you also gave us a great response to the setting, topics and speakers. We expect to be back! Please watch creuna.dk for more concepts, inspiration and insights on Winning in the Age of the Customer.

Overview & Purpose

Today, companies operate in ‘The age of the customer‘, a market characterized by 2 paramount tendencies:

  1. Digital technologies affect all communication, value creation and all transactions
  2. Customers know everything, evaluate everything and demand communication, products and services tailored for their individual needs

This places entirely new demands on businesses’ customer insights, technologies and agility in marketing, sales, customer services and business development.

Join us for a mini-conference on approaches and strategies for the age of the customer. You will meet experienced and passionate digital business developers, marketers and analysts, each presenting their best answer to the question: How can a business win in the age of the customer?


Digitally invested decision makers within business strategy, marketing, sales and customer services. Targeting all businesses either "born digital" or "growing digital" - experienced or just begun. 


The event is part of the Internet Week Denmark Festival and will take place on Wednesday 11. May 10:15 - 14:00 in the Main Conference Room at Dokk1 in Aarhus.


  1. 10:15 WELCOME
  2. MARKETING in the age of the customer
    1. Arun Prabhu, Global Category Director & Oliver Repenning, Senior Manager, Digital Development & Innovation, Arla
      Shortening time-to-market with customer-driven innovation and online focus groups
  3. SELLING in the age of the customer
    1. Lars Elkjær Andersen, Director of eCommerce, Vestas Wind Systems
      Expanding a global B2B business model with eCommerce
    2. Anders Sahl Hansen, Digital Strategy Adviser, Sputnik 5 by Innovation Lab
      Conversational Commerce: Promote loyalty by selling your products seamlessly to customers in their favorite chat application
  4. 11:45 -12:10 BREAK
  5. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT in the age of the customer
    1. Mathis Dahlqvist, Senior Project Manager, Global Research & Technology, Grundfos:
      Radical innovations for long-term growth: How small, single-objective teams are best at customer-intimacy and co-creation
    2. Kristoffer Okkels, Business Development Director in Creuna: 
      Combining customer value with sound strategic development
    3. Kim Svendsen, Director, Stibo Accelerator:
      Utilizing the unbiased creativity of future buyers to fuel business innovation
    Use Sli.do to post your questions and views during the sessions and join our facilitated panel discussion including your points.

Lars Elkjær Andersen

Director of eCommerce
Overall responsible for the Vestas eCommerce strategy in relation to the platform, ongoing boost and optimization of eCommerce sales as well as defining the strategic path for new revenue opportunities and usage scenarios on the eCommerce platform, including defining and continuously develop the eCommerce Customer Experience.

Oliver Repenning

Senior Manager, Digital Development & Innovation
Heading Arla's Digital Development & Innovation Team Oliver identifies digital growth opportunities and enable technology-driven business models.

Kristoffer Okkels

Business Development Director
Kristoffer Okkels is director of business development at Creuna, the largest digital agency in the Nordic region. He specializes in business development, customer experience management, and brand strategy. He is also an avid concept developer, an experienced speaker, and a proficient copywriter and creator of branded content universes.

Arun Prabhu

Global Category Director
A multi-award winning, serial innovator, Arun finds and develops future growth platforms and bring them to market. Over the last decade, has led the development and launch of new products, brands and sub-categories in more than 10 separate markets, with a combined net incremental value of more than €100mio. Among his innovation successes are Lactofree, Starbucks ready-to-drink iced coffees (across Europe), Arla Baby&Me Organic and Cheasy Frozen Skyr.

Kim Svendsen

Kim Svendsen has worked in the technology and supplier side of the news industry the past 14 years. He recently held the position as Vice President for one of the Stibo Divisions, CCI Europe. In 2014 he launched and is now Director of the Stibo Accelerator, an initiative aimed to support talented young students, interns and startup companies working on promising innovations for the media, fashion, retail and manufactoring industries. The Stibo Accelerator program has graduated an array of radical innovation research projects in the past 24 months focussed on how cutting edge technologies and emerging trends will potentially impact the industries Stibo serve.

Anders Sahl Hansen

Digital Strategy Adviser
Partner in Sputnik 5 by Innovation Lab, creating value for clients and entire industries through both incremental and radical innovation. Experienced speaker on innovation and disruption.

Mathis Dahlqvist

Senior Project Manager, Global Research & Technology
8+ years of experience in product and technology development. Driven by challenging the status quo and bridging the gaps between research, business, and strategy; Always looking for interesting challenges to navigate.