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Who makes our future cities?

This session brings unique insight and perspective from USA, Latin America and Europe on where we're heading, according to who the main actors are that build our future cities.
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Day & Time:
Wednesday May 11
09:00 - 12:00
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Free for all
Aarhus University
Contact Person:
Adriënne Heijnen
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Key take-aways

  • A strategic view on what the future city will bring
  • Shared insight and experiences from global cities on where're heading
  • Different perspectives on a sustainable development for the future cities

Cities are catalysts in the digital revolution. This is where most people live, all digital systems intertwine, where the economic activity is centered, and where pollution, congestion and inequality is worst. So the potential for increased efficiency, improved quality of life and new business is high. But who are the main actors that build our future cities? Global companies, local governments, or the citizens themselves? This session brings unique insight and perspective from USA, Latin America and Europe on where we're heading.

The agenda for the day:

  • 9:00: Welcome by Martin Brynskov, Research Director of AU Smart Cities, Aarhus University, and Coordinator of the Danish Smart City Network
  • 9:10: "From Abstract to Concrete", Alissa Chisholm, Research Analyst, Sidewalk Labs, NYC.
  • 9:50: "MiMedellin: A Data Strategy for Sustainable Development”, David Sierra, a mechanical engineer with a Masters Degree in Science and Technology, & Steven Adler, IBM, and provisional CIO, Cities for Life
  • 10:30: Break
  • 10:45: "Cities as launch pads for digital transformation", Alain Heureux, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of The Egg Brussels, Partner of Your Own Lab, Founder of the Creative Ring, Brussels
  • 11:15: Panel debate
  • 11:55: Closing remarks

The seminar is the first part of the all-day event 'CITIES AS DRIVERS OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN SOCIETIES' held at DOKK1. The second part is titled 'Update Danmark: Smarte løsninger fra land til by', and takes place from 13:00 to 16:30. Sign up for this event via this link: http://internetweekdenmark.com/2016/events/update-danmark-smarte-losninger-fra-land-til-by. 

Steven Adler

Chief Data Strategiest at IBM, and provisional CIO, Cities for Life
Steven Adler is the Chief Data Strategist at IBM, driving innovation and data-driven decisions across broad international ecosystems through enhanced data architectures for Open Data, Data Governance, and Data Science. His work ranges from international development, open data, product design, organizational change, business strategy, multi-stakeholder governance, data standards, smarter cities, open government, system dynamics, social media, and collaborative systems, and many boards and committees; including membership in the US Commerce Department's Data Advisory Council. He helped Peru develop its first Open Data Strategy Council, bringing together government, business, civil society, and journalists to develop a national Open Data Strategy. He's currently a co-chair of the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices Working Group, helping to create Open Data standards, and co-chair of the OASIS XMILE System Dynamics Technical Commitee, helping transform Systems Thinking into industry standard practices. He is also co-chair of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, co-chair of a CDAC working group to reform data governance in government.

Alain Heureux

Serial Entrepreneur
Founder of The Egg Brussels (www.egg-brussels.eu) Partner of Your Own Lab (www.yourownlab.com) Founder of the Creative Ring (www.creativering.eu) Entrepreneur in Residence for many large Corporates

Martin Brynskov

Assoc. Professor Interaction Technologies, Chair Danish Smart Cities network
Martin Brynskov is Associate Professor in Interaction Technologies at Aarhus University, chair of Connected Smart Cities, research director of AU Smart Cities, director of Digital Design Lab, coordinator of the Danish Smart City Network, coordinator of OrganiCity, co-founder of Smart Aarhus and research fellow at Participatory IT Centre and CAVI.

David Sierra

Mechanical Engineer with a Masters Degree in Science and Technology
David Sierra is a serial entrepreneur, who is passionate about technological and city innovation. He is currently working @Ruta_N as the Special Projects Manager. As a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters Degree in Science and Technology, David Sierra search for market opportunities to create solutions that can impact a great amount of people. He believes that the best way to manage innovation in a city is through Innovative Ecosystems.

Alissa Chisholm

Urban Research Analyst, Sidewalk Labs
Alissa Chisholm is a researcher and urbanist. Her research and work explores the connections between technology and urban infrastructure and the integration of big data into development, as well as the policies resulting from these new and evolving relationships. Alissa works as a researcher and helps to manage on-going projects. She holds a BA communication from the University of Colorado Boulder, a MA from the New School in International Affairs with a focus on cities and social justice.