Get Involved

The IWDK festival is a place to increase digital knowledge. It is a platform to discuss our digital future, share knowledge, exchange perspectives, and network with existing and new connections. We want you to get involved in IWDK as either a Volunteer or an Event Organizer. 

Become an Event Organizer

We encourage you to organize an event and tell your digital business story and the challenges you might’ve experienced. Anyone — whether an established company, a startup, an organization, an agency, a public institution, or an individual — can host an event at IWDK. Read our tips on how to plan a succesful event.



What you have to do


Start planning your IWDK event.


Upload your event to our website from January 28.


Work hard on recruiting your participants.


You receive a communication package from us to help you market your event.


Remind your participants about your IWDK event.

Join our pre-event where we launch the first-ever IWDK Playbook.


If you are interested in further branding and visibility, then please have a look at the partnership models right here. If you would like additional information, then please contact Louise Overgaard (