Get Involved

The IWDK festival is a place to increase digital knowledge. It is a platform to discuss our digital future, share knowledge, exchange perspectives, and network with existing and new connections. We want you to get involved in IWDK as either a Volunteer or an Event Organizer. 

Become an Event Organizer

We encourage you to organize and event and tell your digital business story and the challenges you might’ve experienced. Anyone — whether an established company, a startup, an organization, an agency, a public institution, or an individual — can host an event at IWDK. Click here to upload your event to our website, and if you need inspiration, read our tips on how to plan a succesful event.



What you have to do

January 16

Start planning your IWDK event and upload to website

March 16

You receive a communication package from us.

March 21

Every year we make a printed version of the IWDK programme. This is your last change to be part of it. Upload your event to our website latest today.

April 11

We send you the printed programme if you make a request to

April 30

Remind your participants about your IWDK event.


If you are interested in further branding and visibility, then please have a look at the partnership models right here. If you would like additional information, then please contact Mai Skou Wihlborg (