Wed May 02 // 09:30 - 12:00




Aarhus City Hall

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The Official Opening

Join us for the big opening of IWDK 2018, where we discuss what we want with technology and how, so that we inspire each other to put people first in the digital age!

Key Take-aways

  • Where is technology taking us next?
  • What do we need to think about when we build tomorrow's new technologies, platforms and businesses?
  • How can we inspire each other to put people first in the digital age?

Digitalization is a force of change similar to the industrialization, which fundamentally changed our society, working life and everyday life for the better.

Digitalization’s promise of change for the better is the same.

We are already experiencing how the world is becoming smaller, more transparent, more connected and more prosperous. But it’s as if we’re also starting to uncover and experience the shadows of the digital transformation: We worry about our online privacy, every family is discussing screen time and smartphone addiction, our image of the media is under pressure because of fake news, new digital business models challenge existing businesses and we’re nervously looking to the robots, who may or may not be taking our jobs.

There has never been a bigger need for events where we discuss what we want with technology so that we make it a means to positive progress and not a measure of success in itself. Where digitalization is about humans and not machines. And where we inspire each other to challenge the technology development in a critical and constructive manner.

That is what IWDK is here to do. And it all begins at The Official Opening, where we will be attended by national and international opinion makers and experts who show attitude and action about positive digital development.
Everyone is welcome at 9.30 am where we begin with some light breakfast and coffee. The programme starts at 10 am.