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Internet Pioneer Award

IWDK gives three prices to people living in Denmark, who have made a difference online. They are given to pioneers whose ideas have improved or promoted the use of the internet in significant ways.
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Wednesday April 19
19:00 - 22:00
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Mai Skou Wihlborg
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Key take-aways

  • An inspiring night where we celebrate the internet and its pioneers
  • The perfect opportunity for networking
  • Interesting keynotes

Come celebrate with us! 

The Internet Pioneer Award prizes will be given in three categories; Technology,  Services and Applications and Rethink.

19:00    Network and Tapas & Cava!
19:30    Welcome by  Mayor Jacob Bundsgaard
19:40    Technology Award presented by Preben Mejer​
19:55    Keynote talk by Ulrik Haagerup
20:15    Services and/or Applications Award 
​20:30    Break, drinks and network
20:45    Marie Frank Duo acoustic concert
21:15    RETHINK Award presented by Henrik Føhns
​21:30    Thank you and drinks 

The categories

A technological breakthrough that has had an impact on the usefulness and thereby use of the Internet. Last year, the award went to Bjarne Stroustrup for inventing C++. There is not a single computer or mobile phone or router or car or airplane or train or modern factory or office in the world that is not build on C++. If you manage to find an exception, then it is build on something that is a copy of Bjarnes ideas.

An application or service that has led to the spread of Internet use. Last year, the winner of this prize was Queue-it co-founded by CEO Niels Henrik Sodemann, CCO Camilla Ley Valentin, and CTO Martin Pronk. Queue-it is a cool solution that impacts many Danes, specifically the use of it in the SKAT homepage.

An idea that has led to the Internet being used for non-commercial purposes within the fields of sustainability, democracy, citizenship or diversity. Last year, the award went to Kirsten Sydendal for her work with The Facebook group ‘Lolland Falster Lovestorm’ that has been born out of a continuously bad image of Lolland Falster being shown by the media. The initiative and the lovestorm is a great example on how you can mobilize an entire region through the digital possibilities - and best of all, it has all been made possible without spending any money on ads or external help.


Aino Vonge Corry - Chair of Jury and Metadeveloper
Preben Meier - CEO Radr c/o Alexandra Instituttet
Henrik Føhns - Host and journalist, Harddisken, DR P1
Frida Frost - Board member, Entrepreneur, Specialist in Technology Development and Energy

Preben Mejer

Founder and chairman of radr.dk
Preben Mejer is founder and chairman of radr.dk. In 1989 he started the first IBM-supplier in Denmark called DanaData which sold to TDC in 1994. Same year he started TDC internet, where he was director for a period of years. He is known for appearing on numerous TV channels sharing his knowledge on trends, venture and communication. Preben Mejer acts as a lecturer, sparring partner and consultant focusing on the digital possibilities and challenges. His specialty is to spot trends from IT and technology, and help others convert them into action. In 2001 he started a knowledge centre, Innovation Lab, that focuses on the newest technology.

Aino Vonge Corry

Agile coach and founder of Metadeveloper
Aino Vonge Corry are an independent consultant at www.metadeveloper.com. She offer retrospective facilitation, workshop facilitation, general meeting facilitation, teaching (Java, OOAD, Design Patterns, Science Teaching), presentations (OO design patterns, Functional design patterns, Retrospective Facilitation). She Got keen on design patterns at a course in 1997. Finished her masters thesis about design patterns and programming languages in 1998. Started a Ph.d. in 1998 founded by COT (http://www.cit.dk/cot/index-eng.html). Defended the ph.d. thesis in 2001 with Linda Rising and Görel Hedin as opponents. It was about software patterns in general and their role in software development. She also made a small tool to semi-auto-document Java code with design patterns from GoF. At the University she taught courses for students in OO and patterns and frameworks.

Ulrik Haagerup

Head of News at DR
Ulrik Haagerup is an award winning journalist and author, educated from the Danish School of Journalism. He worked at Jyllands-posten from 1986-2001. He started as a journalist and later became chief editor. From 2002-2007 he was chief editor for Nordjyske Medier. In the year 2007 Ulrik Haagerup took the position as division chief at DR News, and in 2010 he became news director. From September 2017 Ulrik Haagerup will take on a new adventure as director for the new institute “Constructive Institute” at Aarhus University. The Constructive Institute is an independent organisation that lies at the heart of the constructive journalism movement. Its mission is to combat trivialisation and degradation of journalism by emphasising reporting that is more accurate, balanced and solutions-focussed. The institute helps journalists and news organisations to apply constructive reporting in their daily work through providing access to an inspiring best practices portal, a world-class fellowship programme, relevant training curricula, and rigorous academic research.

Henrik Føhns

Host on Harddisken DR P1
Henrik Føhns is a journalist, educated from the Danish school of journalism and the Dutch school of journalism in Utrecht. He is radio host, and founder of Harddisken, which is a radioprogram about IT, Technology and related subjects. In the years 2003-2006 he was editor on the monthly magazine Samvirke. In earlier years he was a IT and science journalist on Børsen/Berlinske newsmagazine, and in 2000 he was programme manager on Denmark’s first online television-station, TVropa.com (a part of Zentropa). Henrik Føhns was one of the first Danish journalists who started to blog and podcast, which he has been doing since 2001. Besides that he is a diligent lecturer.

Marie Frank

Scandinavian charmer Marie Frank has delighted music fans since the release of her popular 1999 debut album “Ancient Pleasures” (BMG/RCA). Two Top 10 hits, an international dance floor smash as Frankee with “Under The Water”, and two arms full of Danish Grammys made for a pretty good year. Since she has released five albums. When Marie performs, alone, with band or duo it is always with a nerve, authenticity and presence. This straightforward genuineness arises out of a life where love for music has been the compass.