Welcome to Internet Week Denmark See you April 19 - 23, 2017

Speakers of IWDK

This is the fourth annual IWDK festival, and we expect more than 6000 people joining over 100 events for presentations, conversations and inspiration about how to build a smarter tomorrow when we host IWDK in April 19 - 23, 2017 in and around Aarhus. During the week, we have 156+ speakers.

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Partnerships of IWDK

IWDK is a project that only is possible because of all the great partnerships and collaborations we have. The festival is 5 days of knowledge-sharing, learning, social meetings, and networking. And the best part is - everyone’s invited.

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Remember 2016?

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IWDK was founded back in 2014 by the City of Aarhus, Creuna, and Business Region Aarhus. Each year, we welcome new partners to take part in IWDK and thereby help to develop the leading digital festival in Denmark.

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